How To Increase Your E-Commerce Organic Traffic With Automation - Semalt Tips

Semalt has discovered a process that can help your website generate better and more qualified organic traffic and more sale conversions. Using basic plugins is one way we can start creating contents that will facilitate high purchase that will also drive your content to Page 1 on SERP and generate more on-page conversions. 

We have developed a semi-automated process that helps e-сommerce create products Q&A, social proof, and User-Generated Content which will help your site stand out from the competition. The reality is every website on SERP wants more traffic and conversions. As a result of the steep level of competition in e-сommerce, achieving any or both doesn't come easy.

If you opt for paid traffic, it is expensive and has a low CTR, and organic traffic can be difficult to rank. There is, however, a way to solve the e-сommerce traffic and conversion problems automatically, which allows us to: 
Here is how we do it. 

Making trust the priority on and off the page

We always say content is king, but when we think of it, the sole purpose of having content on your site is to create trust. In e-сommerce, trust is the most important asset you can have. Without trust, there is no organic search ranking, customers and conversions. 

It is important that we help you develop and sustain trust throughout the buyer journey. Customers will only be willing to buy from you if they know, trust, and like the brand. And in all these three factors, trust is the most important. We can help you produce expert brand-written content as well as credible user-generated contents, which can help you build trust with your consumers. 

User-generated content (UGC) is among the most valuable types of content we create for businesses because it is the most authentic and trustworthy content to your consumers. A consumer content report by Stackla found that about 86% of consumers believe that that authenticity is important when choosing which brands they support and like. Another 60% of consumers in that report also say that UGC is the most authentic of all contents. 

That is why we do everything possible to set up our clients by writing, promoting, and distributing UGC content across the site to drive engagement and trust. Amazon is one excellent example of why UGC is important. If you've studied Amazon's product listing, along with the product description, did you notice their UGC, which includes:
Amazon figured out early that this is the second most important content they should put on the screens of their visitors right after product description. For a consumer, Social proof and Q&A are what they want to see so they can validate the quality and efficacy of a product, get answers to questions they might have, resolve any lingering concerns. 

If you look at the Customer Questions and answers section on amazon, each question title has a link to a landing page focused on the Q&A thread. Contents like this help customers feel totally satisfied with their selection. Harvard Business Review explains that a marketer's goal should be to help customers feel confident about their choice. 

The easier your users' purchase journey is, the better. This is why leveraging Q&A is a good way to get your brand quick validation. Our goal is to generate and optimize both Q&A, Reviews, and ratings as simple as possible with an automatic process that drives more traffic and conversions. 

Having a UGC stack that displays the product's ratings, Q&A and ratings is something every e-сommerce website should try.

Answering customers questions quickly and easily with Q&A

It is important that we have an answer to the №1 question customers have once on your product page. Optimizing your product Q&A page for search can help increase long-tail and high purchase intent organic traffic. With an automated solution such as shopper approved, we can generate top ranking relevant search results in Google at a large scale. 

Javascript automatically creates a highlighted text which answers the most common search questions on the featured snippet of the Q&A landing page. When the search question is answered, we've discovered that shoppers are more likely to convert and have almost double the average lifetime value over regular traffic. 

The rest of the conversion story, however, lies in adding social proof in the form of ratings and reviews embedded into the Q&A section. Having a Q&A section for your products builds trust and confidence because you answer questions concerning the fit, application, materials, and other important details about a product. 

Tips for a product Q&A

Here are some steps to optimize your products Q&A for search:

How to dominate organic SERP with Reviews, Q&A, Ratings, and Review Videos

A review is an integral part of any e-сommerce business, and you must own your reviews in search results. It is important that your website has ratings and review widgets for several reasons. One of those reasons and probably the most important is that it helps build trust. Some other benefits include:
Using a review widget like the one provided by a shopper on your website can improve your SEO performance and fuel the ratings and review of rich snippets in both paid and organic search. 

Benefits of using a review widget

After implementing Shopper Approved's widget, an e-сommerce site saw exponential growth in its organic traffic. That website also converted over half of its total traffic to its product pages from visitors who engaged with their Q&A. 


Questions and answers give answers to the questions visitors have without them having to ask these questions in the first place. Here are some of the questions we've been asked.

• Question: How can a site go about product reviews when they sell the same products as the competition

Answer:  the first thing we do is to gather as many product reviews as possible without paying any attention to what the competition is up to. Several studies have shown that the more reviews you have, the more comfortable shoppers become, so they tend to patronize you more than your competition. More reviews usually mean more popularity, and your brand will be seen as a safer choice in the minds of customers. 
You can also kick things up a notch by promoting your reviews and distributing them across the web. This way, your reviews get seen more often, so you reach a larger audience. 

When competing with big brands who are your competition, you can outsmart and outmaneuver these brands even if your competition is a company like Amazon. With the right Q&A tools and a strategy from Semalt, you can outrank any website. We encourage you to collect and promote your reviews not only on your site but across the web as well. 

Another strategy to beating your competition is to come up with a unique value proposition. For example, you can decide to offer free shipping for your products not only to develop your brand but also to have more favorable reviews. For many online shoppers, the cost of shipping is their most pressing concern. Once you can offer a solution to that, they are more inclined to patronize.